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Dead Poet Diaries

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Welcome to the Dead Poet Diaries - shamelessly based on the Very Secret Diaries by Cassandra Claire, we bring you the (highly historically inaccurate) diaries of romantic literary figures (especially, but not limited to, poets.) Also, special consideration has been made for certain non-romantics. Because they are pretty, and lo! we know only too well what 'tis to suffer hero worship! Not to mention... well, they're all dead. (The dead is very important.)

Important Notes
-- it's all good-humoured EPIC fun and thereby implicitly unserious. Bastardising historical accuracy is all in a day's work, if a day's work consists of how many ridiculously unlikely things we can imagine dead people saying. Point being, though: it's not supposed to be offensive; if you find it so then we kindly ask you to save the Caro Lamb-esque theatrical tantrums and just sod off. Do us all a favour, yeah?
-- we're students, which explains a lot - if not all - of this.
-- we love the poets. We really love the poets. Have a heart - they're really cuddly.
-- Turdsworth shamelessly excused from the above. HE IS NOT REALLY EPIC AT ALL. APART FROM EPICALLY CRAP. AND EPICALLY ANNOYING. AND EPICALLY EPICALLY UP HIS OWN ASS. *seeth, rage, implode*
-- yes, Keats is Australian. We're not sure why, or how this happened - but try reading Ode on a Grecian Urn in an Australian accent and you might get it.
-- no, of course he wasn't really Australian, you 'tard.
-- we really like Australia.
-- a great deal of caffiene and sugar has produced much of the contents of this community.
-- you don't really need a disclaimer do you? No one's that retarded.
-- we study English, not History. No excuse, perhaps, because it's not as if we're unaware that these people didn't all live at the same time. But they're all dead now, so we reckon we can afford to be unprejudiced in our inclusion of those we deem worthy.
-- I should stress again: we're really fond of these guys. Is it unethical to mock that which you love? I think it might just be British. Either way, we're really quite devoted. Honest.
-- I've got the notes on my laptop.

All questions should be aimed at sophisdictated (because she won't answer them) and all abuse hurled at seagreenish (because she's used to it in the gypsy village). If you'd like to donate a needy wombat to our cause, please contact spyderfyngers. Only the cuddliest and most Womberific need apply.

Find entries by persona:
Austen (Jane)
Blake (William)
Byron (George Gordon, Lord)
Coleridge (Samuel Taylor)
Hazlitt (William)
Hobhouse (John Cam)
Hunt (James Henry Leigh)
Keats (John)
Lamb (Charles)
Polidori (Dr John William Lurve)
Rossetti (Charles Dante Gabriel)
Rousseau (Jean-Jacques)
Shelley (Mary Wollstonecraft)
Shelley (Percy Bysshe)
Southey (Robert)
Turdsworth (William)
Wordsworth (Dorothy)

seagreenish, sophisdictated and spyderfyngers are irresponsible for this literary and historical blasphemy, and community membership is closed for us (because we are elitist pricks - we just haven't been elected yet.) Please feel free to become a minion friend the community though! We will probably fangirl you if you do.

Reference us for your dissertation. Go on.
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